Caffe Farnese

Caffe Farnese overlooks the beautiful Piazza Farnese, at number 106Caffe Farnese offers both outdoor and indoor seating and is one of the most stunning places to have a coffee in Rome. The elegant location is frequented by Romans though prices are high and the menu here is great for lunch or a light dinner overlooking Palazzo Farnese

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  1. The Caffe Farnese is my very favorite of ALL the coffee bars in rome. the cappuccino is magnifico! The location delightful and wonderful for people watching. I even named the title of my book after this Caffe.
    The Man at the Caffe Farnese by Janet Simcic
    available on
    For $14.00

    Five years ago, I went there every single day for my morning coffee and cornetto. It feels like home.

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