Room 26


The best club in Rome,Italy

Room 26 is the Mecca of all clubs here in Roma. The club is situated about 15 minutes outside the historic city center in Eur. Room is easily accessible by metro/subway on the B line or by taxi.

The club

Upon first glance, you feel that you are entering a museum. The enormous marble columns and architecture are quite impressive. As you walk up the large stone steps, you are greeted by well dressed doorman. I recommend getting there no later than midnight. Upon entering the club, you walk through a corridor with screens on both sides. The screens have a motion sensor which portray your image in funky artistic way with interesting sounds being conveyed. This is a very intriguing and clever way to enter the disco.

The main room is refereed to as the global room. The first thing that over whelms you is the sound system, which is one of the best worldwide. For me, I have never heard such a beautiful sound.

One of the best sound systems in the world

You hear the music with complete clarity, perfect bass and no distortion. People can even have a conversation in the middle of the dance floor.

This wonderful creation is the work of George Stavro from Integral Sound USA. Integral had done some of the top clubs in the world, in NYC Pink Elephant, Arc, BED, Electric Zoo Festival, Darby, Kiss & Fly, Roseland Ballroom and many more worldwide. An incredible and massive LED lighting system covers the entire dance floor which provides lovely visual stimulation. The room also features 3 projectors displaying really interesting videos. But, the main reason why Room 26 is so popular with the local Romans is the MUSIC!


The legendary and internationally acclaimed Luis Radio is the resident DJ. Producer and DJ Luis Radio has a strong passion for soulful house music. He has been rocking the wheels of steel since the early 80’s. Luis is also responsible for selecting the many famous and international DJ’s that play at Room 26.

Dj’s such as Louie Vega, DJ Spinna, Tony Humphries, Timmy Regisford often play at Room. The global room also features an elegant round bar and several raised VIP areas. The DJ booth is quite impressive as well, featuring 2 mixers (rotary custom SDX and fader Allen Heath) , Pioneer CDJ’s and Technics turntables.

Behind the Global room is the Purple room. This smaller room offers and intimate ambiance featuring painted murals by San Gregorio. The party goers of room are hip, sophisticated and have an allure of Italian glamour.

This is a true Roman experience, as you will not find many tourists at all. Saturday night is the crown jewel of room, FCO is the name of the party and stands for from classics on.

FCO the most legendary party in Roma and has been going on for nearly 20 years.

Fridays are really fun as well and features more of a techno vibe with DJ’s such as Satoshi Tomiie and Jerome Sydenham.

The club was founded by Luis Radio, Alessio Fabrizi, Massimo Tucci and Edoardo Corcos.

Room 26 Video

Tuning party – what a fantastic night! Luis Radio and George Stavro together spinning some good soulful house music

An incredible set by DJ Spinna playing the first time ever in Italia

The Famous amplifiers of Room 26 of the system designed by George Stavro of Integral Sound USA

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