Macro Testaccio Museum

27 October – 20 November 2011

I stopped in early this evening to the Macro Testaccio for the Marco Tamburro exhibition. Tamburro’s show entitled “Life Live” is curated by Luca Di Beatrice. This was my first time to the Museum and I was impressed. The entrance and buildings were reminiscent of a vintage stockyard of some sort. A very cool mix of old and new works together to bring a powerful presence.


The property is broken up into two pavilions of this once slaughterhouse. Originally constructed in 1888 by Giacchino Erosch, considered to be an important industrial building known for its simplicity and interior balance. Testaccio is a young hip, urban type nieborhood located near the Tibor River. The museum is even open until 12 midnight to cater to the local inhabitants.


Marco Tamburro originally from Perugia was born in 1974. He graduated the Art Institute of Perugia with a degree in furniture and architecture. He later studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. Tamburro’s interest in the wide view of theaters com to life in his abstract representations on canvas.


Upon first glance, the large canvas painting struck my eye. I was intrigued by the modern and old themes blending together. Images of Palladio architecture spun together appearing as ufo’s flying in the night sky. Urban cities of Roman gods’s filled the textured backgrounds. Flat screen Tv’s, 3d depth, red hearts and stairways hold the walls. Other images of swirling cups with dice and knives played upon a grey foundation. The tangled electrical photos of black and white really made my night. The mish mash of different sized images worked well to burn bright.

San Gregorio

macro musuem
modern art
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”



rome art gallery
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”
musuem  rome
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”
modern gallery roma
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”
marco- tamburro artmarco tamburro rome
macro testaccio rome
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”
macro rome
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”
art roma
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”
art in rome
Marco Tamburro “ Life Live”

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