Palatine Hill


ruins palatineThe Palatine hill in many views is the birth place of Roma. Legend says the two baby brothers Romulus and Remus were found here by a she wolf and nursed them to health. Later the boys were found by a Shepard Fausltulus and his wife Acca Laurentia. As the boys grew older their Great Uncle wrongfully seized the throne from their Grandfather. As revenge, the boys struck down and killed their Uncle. The boys decided to build a new town on the banks of the Tiber river called Roma. Unfortunately The brothers had a heated argument on day and Romulus killed his brother. The name Roma come from the name Romulus.



Through archeology we know people have inhabited the Palatine Hill since 1000BC. The hill was almost like a Beverly Hills, many of the most affluent citizens, Republicans and Emperors resided here. Amazingly today, you can still see remnants of the palaces of Emperors Augustus, Tiberius and Domitian. Augustus also built a magnificent temple to the god Apollo. This location has some of the most beautiful views in Rome. On one side a clear view to the Colosseum, another the Forum Romanum and the rear Circus Maximus.



Built directly over looking the Forum Romanum is the Flavian Palace. The palace was built 69-96, during the Flavian Dynasty. The three prominent emperors during this period were Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. Emperor Septimius Severus greatly expanded the palace to now over look the Circus Maximus in the year 146. Recently during evocations. evidence has been found of bronze age artifacts. In 2006, a noble house was found atop the hill and later experts proved this was the house of Augustus. Augustus was the first emperor on Rome. You will also find at the Palatine Hill a museum with artifacts and statues.


The Palatine Hill known as Palatino is such a wonderful place. I really enjoyed walking around for hours exploring this archeological wonder. The layers of time and the engineering of marvels still here today to see and to touch. This is an incredible archeological graveyard filled with treasures around each corner. You will find lush foliage with beautiful tree’s and alluring gardens. Check out the cave like structures and go underneath the buildings to almost dungeon like settings. You can almost feel what has gone on in those thick stones rooms. Just walking up and down the paths you know the emperor of of Rome has traveled the same path!  Breathtaking views await you atop one of the most famous hills in the world! This is a must see on your visit to the eternal city.



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