Piper Club

The Piper was known as the Studio 54 of clubs here in Rome. The space is underground and provides for a great live music venue. The most iconic club of Rome was founded in 1965. Many legendary performances have gone down here with bands such as The Who, Genesis, Pink Floyd and The Byrd’s just to name a few.

piper rome club


Now a days the are still going strong with an array of different nights and themes. My first time was very interesting and chill. As you walk down into a basement you arrive in a loft-warehouse room with huge ceilings.

piper club rome



The night I went they had a cool little vintage and artistic market. A band was preforming led my a woman singing in kinda like a trippy poetic tone. My friend remarked she sounded like an Italian Jim Morrison form the Doors.

piper rome



Check the Piper web site to see the up to date times and performers. The venue has many genres of music from Electronica, Emerging, Techno, Rock to House. A great Acid Jazz group Incognito are playing there this month.

piper nightclub rome

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