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Radio Londra which means London Radio is located in a really cool area called Testaccio. Located a few neighborhoods away from the historic city center. The space is a former bomb shelter made in the side of a hill. This is mot just any old hill, it was formed in the antiquity period of Rome. The hill got it’s shape because the location was the former garbage dumb for ancient Rome. Beneath the ground is a mound of pottery chard’s and ancient waste.

rome gay club

This a definably a hard core club here in Rome. The place can be a really fun place to have a wild night. Typically it is a gay club but you will find a wild, young and sexy mixed group. Remember the song “The freaks come out at night” by Rick James? This place goes hand in hand, great entertainment but not for the whole family.

rome radio londra

The busiest nights are Friday and Saturday but Sundays and Thursdays can be fun too. The famous cross dressing door man is Angelo. Usually it is ten euro for the entrance but this also includes a drink. So all in all its not a bad deal. You will find techno and some house music and people dancing and having fun.

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