Checco il Carettiere

The best Matriciana ever!!

Checco er Carettiere (Via Benedetta, 10), or Checco and Carriage, is a restaurant you absolutely must try if you want quality, authentic Roman cuisine.

Checco er Carettiere has a substantial menu full of enticing dishes; but locals favor only a few. Fritto romano (a variety of fried delicacies) along with some puntarelle (a typical roman vegetable mixed up with a delicious anchoves sauce) is an appetizing way to get started on your authentic Roman dinner as both of these dishes are favored highly among the locals.

When you are ready for a main course, Amatriciana or Carbonara are top choices. Those dishes are based around pasta, bacon and cheese, but the difference in taste is something quite unexpected. Originality and authenticity are the two key ingredients to an amazing Italian dinner, and both are provided here in ample supply.

A good tip is to book a table in the Osteria Checco: it’s the secondary area of the restaurant, prices are cheaper and quality is top notch as it shares the kitchen with the main Checco restaurant.

Here is a picture of the menu, prices (in Euros) are very reasonable and the experience is really worth it.

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