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Tucked in the middle of the center of Rome is Bar Del Fico. The center is packed with bars and aperitivo hang outs but this one stands out from the pack. Fico is located in a cool part of Rome just off Piazza Navona. Bar Del Fico’s interior is industrial-provincial-country-bar kinda eclectic feel. I personally like this type of design.

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I have been to many places in Rome and Fico is one of the places atop my list. I have met some interesting people here that I continue to have friendships with. The bar defiantly has a local following which I like. Besides the locals, you can also find and eclectic mix of ex pats and tourists that know where to go.

bar del fico

Many patrons journey here for aperitivo which starts around 730. Bar Del Fico has a wide variety of beverages to choose from. The bartenders make a mean mojito or try a spritz, wine or a shot of vodka. Popular here in Italia is the vodka lemon. Most people will go some where else for dinner around 930 or ten. After the dinner people come back for more drinks and socializing. I prefer he weekday crowd versus the weekend warriors.

rome fico bar

bar fico rome

fico bar rome

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