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The Via Sannio Market is San Giovanni is one of my favorite markets in Rome. The market has some interesting vendors. I also think they have the cheapest prices in Rome. Here you can find some great vintage clothing and accessories. Besides vintage, the Sannio Market has super deals on per-owned clothing and also new items.

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I recommend getting here early, as the market vendors start packing up around 1:30 to close. The selection of vintage ladies clothing is quite extensive. Many beautiful furs, dresses, blouses, purses and other goodies are here for the taking. Unfortunately the guys selection is not as good but still has cool things to offer.

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Luckily for me and possibly you, there is one vendor that has a wonderful selection of vintage glasses. This is why I really like going to the Sannio Market in Rome. I bought to really amazing pairs of glasses here. The first, 1970’s made in Germany Playboy sunglasses which i love! The second pair I bought yesterday, late 1970’s Ducati 500 made in Spain sunglasses. I paid 20 euros for both, in a vintage store you can pay three to four times that amount.

rome sannio market

There are many ways to get to the Via Sannio Market. The A line on the Metro stops right in front of the market. If you are closer to the B line then a free transfer is available at the Termini station. I personally like to walk and it’s a twenty minute or so walk from the Termini train station or about thirty minutes for the center of Rome.

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rome market sannio


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