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In the Trieste neighborhood of Rome, you’ll find a small paradise for desert lovers. Bakery House, is a little piece of USA imported in Rome.

bakery-house-romaIn this corner of town, you’ll find everything from cupcakes to bagels. Open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and delivery or take away of the best American recipes. Connect on the website online and give a look at the menu, it will be hard not to fall into temptation!

The menu is something surreal; you can eat at any time of the day and get the feeling of being in New York. Within the restaurant/bar you’ll find I-pads and free Wi-fi, which make it an ideal place to write, work or read as well.

I recommend you go try their carrot cake with frosting and almonds, it’s delicious, or take some cupcakes to a dinner they’ll all want to know where they come from.

If you want to surprise someone you love, bring them breakfast in bed straight from the Bakery House, or if you wake up late on a Sunday afternoon just go get spoiled with their delicacies, maybe sipping orange juice and reading your favorite newspaper on their I-pads.


+39 06 9437 7841

Corso Trieste, 157/b, 00198 Roma


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