Said | Antica fabbrica del cioccolato from 1923

said-rome-dishesIn the San Lorenzo district, Said is an ancient chocolate factory, which brings you right into the atmosphere of Willy Wonka.

Ok, I admit you won’t meet Johnny Depp, but you can eat some truly original dishes. One example,is the tuna steak with chocolate chips and purple potatoes presented as a Kandinsky painting.

The choice of the desert is a real spiritual moment. Don’t you even dare to order a simple pineapple, and please forget your diet, at least for one night.

A women from behind a counter makes you choose from a showcase made up of thousands of little artistical chocolate creations, and in the end gives you a tray composed of something around one million calories, of which one bite can’t harm anyone.

You can visit SAID just to rome inside it’s store, which presents in million different packages lovely chocolate bars, or for an evening tea with friends.


+39 06 446 9204

Via Tiburtina, 135, 00185 Roma


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