Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of the oldest churches in Rome, established around 220 A.D., and perhaps the first in which mass was openly celebrated.


Pope Saint Callixtus I founded the Church which was also used as a military veteran retirement facility.In the year 340, Pope Julius significantly expanded the building. He received patronage for his generosity when the Church was given the titulus lulii designation.


Later in the 13th century many interior mosaics were added by Pietro Cavallini. “Life of the Virgin”, “Coronation of the Virgin”and many more adorn the walls here. The depictions of multicolored winged angels walk through the gold and colored tiles. An incredible rendition of Jesus, Mary and the disciples surrounded by a herd of sheep fill the apse.


The Romanesque bell tower is from the 12th century.In the 17th century, Antonio Gheradi designed the beautiful Avila Chapel. The church is dedicated to Our Lady Santa Maria, and is covered by golden mosaics. The facade mosaic shows the Virgin Mary holding little Jesus with 10 female companions holding lanterns.  Not to be missed in Trastevere, the piazza has become a favored hang out to catch up with friends.

santa maria rome

santa maria church

santa maria trastevere


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