First example post – Click me to see a simple demo!

Inside this post, you will see a map.

Open this post to see it:  the Google Map is automatically placed only in the single post template.

How to get this map in your blog?

Simple, just filling an address like this in the post editing window – the following panel is added by the plugin, ready for your input!

right under the post content editor:

The address in automatically geocoded, and will enable a Google map on the single post, right before the content. Or after the content if you want: there’s an option panel for map sizes too. You need to have a free Google API key correctly entered in the plugin options panel, like you should have been reading in the plugin instructions page.

You can easily style  it with basic CSS skill.

Map size and position can be globally configured by the RomeLuv plugin options page.


One thought on “First example post – Click me to see a simple demo!”

  1. hello,
    Could you give me the css code to adjust the position of the cards in article
    I want to center the map but I can not do it.
    Thank you for the little bit of css to center.
    Thank you and congratulations for this plugin

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