Global Map Example

This map shows all the posts which have the address field filled.

For  a more interesting example, you might also have a look at  RomeLuv’s attractions map of Rome, which shows all the posts of the blog. That map is built with the very same plugin.

Read on to understand how to build the very same thing on your blog in minutes.

Map By RomeLuv

Insert the Global Map in a Page

Install the plugin, follow the basic setup tutorial, if you haven’t before. Edit a page  and insert the

shorttag inside the content, as shown in the following screenshot:.

That’s it – every post that has an address will be shown on that page.

How to filter the global map – Displaying a Category Map

You can filter the Global Map adding just a category parameter to the URL, just add the ?cat=thecategoryIDyouwant   parameter like shown above to your page’s URL, where you’ve placed the global map shorttag. Example URL : Eating in Rome

Custom Map Markers / Icons

As you can see clicking the previous link, map markers can be post thumbnails,  or custom icons too, it’s size too can be customized via the plugin options panel. I’ve done this to make Google maps work better on iPhone / iPad devices as the standard Google Maps markers seem to be too small to be clickable.

34 thoughts on “Global Map Example”

  1. I can not get my map to display. I put numbers in after address, but it seems too sensitive. I need to put NE, also city and state?

    1. Hmm too sensitive? Try to type the same address in Google Maps. The plugin is using the same geocoding service provided by Google itself.

  2. Great plugin and easy to use! Just started working on the [GLOBALMAP] function and I noticed that the fullsize featured image is used for the thumbnail in the map. That means quite a load as my title images are 940px wide.. Any chance that can be changed to thumbnail size?

    Appreciate your work by the way. Good job so far!

    1. Thanks for the good feedback! I will give it a fix soon, new custom map icons coming too…

  3. hey there!
    this is the most simple and awesome plugin for g maps so far!
    it rocks!
    However this is what iam trying to do, i want to insert the “global map” into my custom category template ( and some places custom page template) within the code, how’s this done?


    1. Try calling the function:


      directly in your template. It should come out filtered by category…

  4. Hi, thanks for the plugin, it’s really easy to use especially for somebody like me with basic experience of wordpress!

    However for some reason I can’t get the thumbnail images on global map even though I chose the option in setting!


    1. are you sure you did choose those images as post thumbanils while editing the posts?

        1. I also have one more question: is there anyway to define the map area that I want to appear in Global map? as an example just map of a country!
          (at the moment I created two post with addressed for north west and south east of the country to have the country to appear on the map)

  5. This is a fabulous application, and just what I need. However, I’m having trouble with the GlobalMap function. I’ve inserted the shortcode on a page, and from within WP the previews show the map working nicely. However, when I go to my site from google, the map is missing/blank. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  6. Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_thumbnail_id() in /public/sites/ on line 656

    1. your theme does not support post thumbnails – get a newer one or add a couple lineas of php to the functions file (rather easy, search on G!)

  7. Hi! Very great plugin and very easy to use!!! Great job!!!
    One question: is it possible to insert the global map with the zoom that I need?
    Example: I’ve got some posts with addresses worldwide, so in the global map is displayed all the world: can I (in a page) display only one city? (the global map but zoomed in only one city?)
    thank you very much!!!

  8. Hi, I can’t use the ?cat=thecategoryIDyouwant parameter in the page’s URL…wordpress cancels the “?” and the “=”…how can I do?
    Thank you very much!

  9. brilliant plugin, I can get it to show a map for each post, but having created a page for a global map and inserted [GLOBALMAP] I just get a blank page, but it does have Map by RomeLuv at the bottom right of where I’d expect the map to be.

    Any suggestions from those who’ve got it working? I’m on wp v3.1 as I can’t go to 3.2 due to the php requirements.

    thanks all

  10. has anyone tried to use the plugin on a mutlisite install to show other network blogs on a map instead of posts?

  11. hey man, your plug in rocks, but the street view icon is giving me problems it dosn’t appear in in th right way, what should i do,?i already try to uninstall and install again.

  12. This plugin is fantastic! I’ve been looking for a maps plugin for years. No kidding. Every few months I’ll look around, and FINALLY its here. Thank you so much. I’ll be making a donation soon.

  13. This is a fantastic plugin – thank you so much!

    Will you please add support for Custom Post Types? I have hundreds of posts using a Custom Post Type and they all contain an “address” value, so if you could add support for Custom Post Types I will personally fly to wherever you are and give you a great big handshake!

    Please, please, please! 🙂

    Thank you again

  14. Hi,

    Great plugin!! A few questions:

    1. is it possible to get the global map as the website background?
    2. can you set different markers for different categories? i.e. 5k,10khalf marathon and marathon?
    3. how hard is it to change the marker icons?

    Thanks for your help!

    – Paul

  15. Is there any way to make the address field in this plugin go to a form that will post from the front end. ive been trying to make it work in tdo forms as a field so when you add the address in the field it activates the pluging and does its thing.

    any info and help?
    theres a coffee in it for you.

  16. You guys are FANTASTIC!! I have implemented the plugin and customised something for my photo blog. I am doing urban photography for Melbourne and it is now lovely to show where the photos are actually made for my and everybody’s reference.
    If anybody interested give a check to
    What I modified:
    + the map does not come out in the post in the main page of the site, only when actually you open the post (this avoid the main page to be too long). The main goal of the site is photography, not really maps.
    + somehow the featured image did not come out in the main map. I have changed
    $image_url= wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_post_thumbnail_id(), ‘thumbnail’);
    $image_url= wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID), ‘thumbnail’);
    + colours and sorting of the category/address once you open the infowindow

    btw, you will see only the new posts implementing the address. Meanwhile I am working on the old posts to have them all addressed and mapped. Probably next week I will have the map fully updated and connected to the site. For the time being give a check to below for the final result

    Siete maggicciii!!

  17. Hi,

    This is a great plugin ever!
    I have a problem, I want the romeluv global map to appear on everypage after the logo/title, I tried calling in my page template but it isnt working 🙁

    Any help!!


  18. Ok, I’m just not understanding how to use ( ?cat=thecategoryIDyouwant ). I’m trying to sort locations based on categories, but I don’t understand how to go about it.

    Can someone help me out and epand on the instructions?

  19. Hi!
    First of all, thankyou! Your plugin is exactly what I need!
    I’m trying to install it on wp 3.3.2 and when I look at the post, in the content, I find this error
    Warning: call_user_func_array () Expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback function ‘romeluv_single_map’ not found or invalid function name in [myURL] \ wp-includes \ plugin.php on line 170
    how can I fix it?

  20. hi, i get the maps for post to work perfectly, but my globalmap is not working…
    I create a page and insert the globalmap shortcode. When i open the page i see the footer text referring to your website but no map…
    My google api is activated and doesnt give an error… any ideas what could be the problem?
    ps: the global map page is in the link

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