New Pope Election in Rome

rome pope benedictFor the first time in 600 years an incredible historical event occured: Pope Benedict XVI presented his voluntary resignations.

This decision that will take its effect on Thursday the 28th surprised many believers and many church members. The 85 years old Pope said that he is no longer able to carry-on the hard work that pontificate requires; dued to his age, his health conditions are no longer strong and stable.

Yesterday, the 24th of February 2013, in front of tens of thousand of people, Pope Benedict XVI blessed from his window, for the last time, all the religious persons rushed over St. Peter cobblestone square to hear his final Angelus prayer.

Regarding to the Conclave law,there’s a great news: the Pope amended the law, so that cardinals doesn’t have to wait 15 days, leaving Papacy vacant, before starting the Conclave.

This historical situation takes us back to the plot of “Angels&Demons” : we will wait with the same anxiety and suspence this exceptional assembly that will elect the new chief of the Roman-Catholic Church.

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