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Il Corallo is a wonderful little restaurant located in the center of Rome near Piazza Navona. I recently had dinner here last Saturday night. My friend asked me if I wanted to try a pizza restaurant in the center. I must say, I was a bit cautious because of all the tourist traps in the area.

corallo restaurant rome

I was surprised to find twenty to twenty five people waiting outside this small restaurant in Rome. None of the people how ever were speaking in English, good sign I thought. Luckily my friend was acquainted with the manager and we were seated in about tn minutes.

il corallo rome

The space was quite pleasant featuring wonderful vintage brick arches. All of the staff were very friendly which provided for a good ambiance. We started the meal off having breaded chicken strips with sesame seeds. I know it doesn’t sound so Italian, but boy they were delicious.

corallo rome food

The next course was the pizza. I ordered a a cheese pizza called here a margarita and my friend ordered a  pizza with artichoke, mushrooms, olives and an egg. We split it up amongst ourselves and I thoroughly enjoyed the thin crust pizza. I highly recommend this little restaurant.

rome pizza authentic

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