Hello, Simple Booking Form.

Need a quick booking request form for your WordPress hotel, B&B, or accommodation website? Just  download and install this plugin, activate, and insert the shorttag:

in a post or a page of your WordPress site.
(Just enter BOOKINGFORM in square brackets)

It will show the following form:


What happens after submitting:

The submitted form data will be immediately sent via email (after some field validation of course, all fields except notes are compulsory) both to the site administrator and to the  user that submitted the request. Data is not stored into the WordPress database.

Widgetized as well – an alternative to the shortcode

Should you want to incorporate the form in your site’s sidebar, a form widget is provided too 😉 have a look in this example page to see a widgetized form.

Multiple apartment/B&B/accommodations websites – embed mutiple forms!

IT CAN DEAL WITH MULTIPLE ACCOMMODATIONS websites too, as the form will send in the email also the name of the post/page where it was submitted. You can use the shorttag once per every page / post.

No configuration panels, no hassle

Easy instant setup. It comes with no configurable options, but it is easy enough to be modded by any novice php programmer. You can easily add more fields or more functionality with basic PHP knowledge.


Thanks to Frequency Decoder for the Date Picker