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Level is a small dance club located in the center of Rome. For me, this one of the better locations for going out in Rome. The club is just off Piazza Navona and you can find many bars and restaurants in the area. I must warn you that Level can be hit or miss.

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Level features different Dj’s on various nights. That is why I suggest checking out who is playing on that particular night. I had a good time there about one week ago. My friends were playing some great house music records.

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The space is really clean and modern and has a small dance floor and sitting areas. I also found the bartenders and the people working there to be very nice.

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Giovannino is the resident Dj and he puts in the rotation some talented local Dj’s. By no means is this one of the top clubs in Rome but it cold be worth checking out. Have fun out there and enjoys the music!

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